The photographers objective includes the clients requirements and the photographers imagination to create a photographic image which provides a reaction from the observer whether in an advertisement or a fine art print.

For many years Chuck Bankuti has been involved in the business operations of a commercial photographic studio and working on location for various clients. His many years of experience include selecting and preparing locations, working with various studio flash equipment in and out of the studio. Working with clients to bring their particular requirments and vision to reality. He has extensive experience with small format Nikon 35 mm cameras, medium format Hasselblad, and large format Linhoff Teknika 4X5 has given him the choice to use the appropriate camera for the job.

Today he not only brings you experience of the past which include scanning and digitizing film images, but also has the ability for post production in processing raw image files, retouching and/or digitally manipulating and printing images on Epson printers. His abilities working in the darkroom has given him a greater understanding of utilizing all of the photographic oriented software available today.

His personal projects provide insight through his vision and images of the world around us. The beauty and the intimacy that he has captured is shared in the portfolio categories in this website. His work will inspire you and provide a welcome sense of peace and joy.

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