Nathaniel Bustion-Artist

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There was a time when we all walked in sacred places and everything we did had a sacred significance, because we lived according to ritual. Life was a ritual because it connected us to the Divine. Walking, living a ritualistic lifestyle meant you walked with the Divine, which is where the real home exists. What we find now is that the cosmic mother is calling us home through her spiritual reality. Chuck Bankuti is a great friend of mine; frank, blunt, outspoken are just a few of the adjectives to describe him. Chuck has found great inspiration from being one with nature. He continues to explore all of nature’s beauty which is a strong characteristic of his artwork. Chuck also loves the Native people who live of the land; he has worked with the Navajo, Lakota and more recently the Apache. He has been privileged for the last 20 years to be part of their deep connected ways in their spiritual culture and heritage. Chuck has documented with great respect the Native life which so closely connects them to mother earth. Native art and life has given great inspiration to the body of photographic work which Chuck continues to produce today.

Peace brother forever

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